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You have had events before and you seem to have done it all. Everything is bordering on the mundane and you must be looking to turn around your image. We are here to help you. Now entertain your guests with the magic of fire. Our team comprises of the best in the field with trained fire dancers and fire stunt performers who can create a lasting impression on your clients and also catapult you and your event managing firm in to the higher league. 

Keep the audiences imagination fired:

Our fire breathers and fire eaters can captivate all the senses of your audience and can leave them spell bound. They may end up totally mesmerized and begging for more.

Unique choreography and concepts used:

Our USP is that we perform each of our choreographed pieces only once and every event has customized dance and drama theatrics that is uniquely tailor made by us for the commissioned show. We also undertake to give in writing that the show which is choreographed by us against your company’s order will not be repeated on any other stage at any other time and audience ever. In a way, it is like giving your event firm the copyrights for the choreography.

Art festivals:

We have done various art festivals where we have been regularly called back the succeeding years because of our disciplined and professional attitude towards the art form and our work. But having said that our heart lies in performing for private clients who show awe and horror at the same time when they watch us perform. For us it is vice versa. We love to watch them watching us! 

High energy that can light up your event:

Our dancers are experienced in the art form for more than eight years and it is our guarantee that they can light up your event with their high energy stage performance. In case you would like to see a demo performance, we would be glad to do that just for you or you can also follow the links to see our uploaded stage shows. the videos will be available to you once you type in the one-time OTP that will generated to you once you log in to our official website.

Fire safety is our prerogative:

While we appreciate the fact that our performers are well trained and highly experienced, we also appreciate the fact that fire can be hazardous in certain circumstances and that it is always better to be safe than sorry. We have very good contacts with the fire departments and we make sure that all emergency care is taken of before we set up stage.



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23 November 2016

The art warranties a lot of discipline from its proponents and performers. A lot of fire safety measures have to be mandatorily followed whenever a fire performance is in the pipeline

02 November 2016

The enigmatic combination of dance and fire is celebrated in almost all the cultures of the world where traditional art has the use of fire in its various customary and modern forms of expression